شمشاد به عنوان اولین کارخانه تولید مواد غذایی ایرانی با پروانه و استاندارد ادارات مواد غذایی و کشاورزی آمریکا در سال 1980در لس آنجلس تاسیس شده است


Shemshad Food Products Inc. was established in 1981 in Los Angeles, Ca. We were the first company producing Iranian dairy products in USA.

Founders and Owners of Shemshad Foods, Cyrus & Armineh Teadolmanesh, have years of experience in the food industry and have brought homemade quality persian products into the U.S. market.  With  years of experience in the food industry we are proud to say that we have thousands of satisfied customers and distributors throughout the world.  We at Shemshad Food products are confident you will find our food products to become favorites in your family!